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Diesel engines
• Reduction gear •
• Overhaul of mechanical equipment •
About our company

Highly specialized in repair of reduction gear
and major overhaul on diesel engines.

Nordast Marinen OU Support has a 24/7-365 service and carries out the assignments, where the customers wish, whether it is in port, in a shipyard or during sailing around the world. Furthermore, the company has a well-equipped workshop, which makes it possible to overhaul parts and mechanical equipment in different sizes.
Our employees are of European origin only, flexible safety minded and have a wide knowledge within repair, and service on all sizes of vessel. They have many years of experience, working in the maritime sector, and will approach your challenges with a positive mind.

Policy of "Nordast Marinen"

We supply ship and power equipment and provide after-sales service and repairs using the latest technology and ensuring efficiency throughout the entire service life.
We contribute to the development of the business of our customers without harming the environment:
Safe and secure
Efficient and environmentally friendly
In accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.We are constantly improving and striving to reduce our environmental impact to meet the needs of our customers and other interested parties.
We create and maintain safe jobs for our employees and partners at all stages of the work.
We give our employees the authority to stop work if the conditions for its implementation are unsafe or the quality of work is at risk.
Our team of professionals acts as a responsible Citizen of the world.
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Nordast Marinen OÜ
Phone + 372 508 7047
Kopli 25C, 10 412 Talinn, Estonia
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