НД Сервис

Company introduction

Our ship repair company Nordast Marinen was established 1996 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Number of employees : 50

We have our own Technical and Project Department,Sales and Purchase Department,Logistic Department for supporing of our experienced Service Teams which can perform maintenance and repair works on board of the vessels at shipyards or during the vessel operation.

First of all ,we are focused on quality and efficiency during our works in order to provide for our Customers safe operation of the vessels after completion of repairs in shortest possible time frames.

All our works are insured by insurance company

Policy of "Nordast Marinen" in the field of quality, environmental protection, health protection and security

МWe supply ship and power equipment and provide after-sales service and repairs using the latest technology and ensuring efficiency throughout the entire service life.

МWe contribute to the development of the business of our customers without harming the environment:

  • Safe and secure
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
  • In accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements

We are constantly improving and striving to reduce our environmental impact to meet the needs of our customers and other interested parties.

We create and maintain safe jobs for our employees and partners at all stages of the work.

We give our employees the authority to stop work if the conditions for its implementation are unsafe or the quality of work is at risk.

Our team of professionals acts as a responsible Citizen of the world.

Our services

Repairing of Main and Auxiliary Engines

We perform service and repair on most of diesel engine types and sizes.

Our services

Repairing of Exhaust Gas Turbochargers

We are offering high quality service and repair on all types of turbochargers.

Our services

Valve machining

Nordast Marinen performing grinding of valves on fully automated valve re-facers. We can arrange machining of valve spindles with diameters from 6 mm to 32 mm.

Our services

Surface machining

Nordast Marinen offers machining of contact surfaces on cylinder heads, liners and engine blocks on board of the ships and in the workshop. Effective grinding diameters from 200 to 650 mm.

Our services

Machining and grinding of valve seats

Nordast Marinen  is using the most recent technology for reconditioning of valve seats in order to ensure quality and rapid delivery.

Our services

Honing of cylinder liners

Nordast Marinen is providing fully automated honing ensuring precise honing of cylinders with diameters from 170 mm to 640 mm.

Our services

Crank shaft repairing

We are capable to perform machining of crankshafts up to the length of 6 meters. Our expertise enables us to repair crankshafts, which in many cases would have been rejected. We can make machining to the next possible undersize level, in such cases a special set of undersized bearings is required; which can be delivered by us at client’s request.Hardness tests and MPI tests will be done accordingly and report will be issued after completion of repairs.

Our services

Machining of conecting rods

A common problem with connecting rods is that the big-end bearing bores on conrods turns to ovality. One solution is to replace the connecting rod with a new one, but in most of the cases this is expensive and absolutely unnecessary. Nordast Marinen is able to bring back these connecting rods into good working condition. If the connecting rod cannot be repaired at all, then usually we can deliver new or reconditioned ones.

Our services

Line Boring

Our services

Thermal Metal Spray

This technology is in use for reconditioning of exhaust/inlet valves, seats and pistons.

Our services


Nordast Marinen  is using Magnaflux equipment for detection of fractures and other weaknesses in metal parts.

Our services

Laser Shaft Alignment

Nordast Marinen performs alignment of engines, shafts, gearboxes etc. By using of sophisticated laser-equipment.

Our services

We can perform following optional works at Owners request:

● Repairing of deck machinery

● Repair and bonding of stern tube seals SIMPLEX type

● Installation of engines and machinery on foundations by using of Epy, Chockfast and Epocast compounds

Spare parts

Nordast Marinen can arrange delivery new or reconditioned spare parts by competitive prices for a wide range of engines , turbochargers ,pumps and other items installed on board of the vessels including Ballast water treatment plants , electrical and electronic equipment. Please contact us if you are operating your engine under the NOx parameter system, so that we can discuss your exact requirements.

  • Wärtsilä
  • MAK
  • Pielstick
  • Ruston
  • Sulzer
  • Caterpillar
  • Detroit
  • Cummins
  • MAN B&W
  • MTU
  • Mitsubishi
  • ABB
  • MAN
  • KSB

Our company is an official distributor for one of the leaders in the production of BWTS and scrubbers named PANASIA Co., Ltd . We are offering for sale BWTS of various capacities and scrubbers with compete package of project documentation for new buildings and retrofits.

We have a licensed service - Our engineers trained by the manufacturer and can carry out commissioning and maintenance of new buildings and vessels in service, at any ports in all regions of the world's oceans.

Our company is an authorized agent for service and spare parts supply centre of Panasia Co., Ltd

Our main activities are listed below:

The overall service works including start-up, commissioning, maintenance and repair

Training the ship’s crew before ships’ delivery

After sales service within the warranty period

Life-cycle service since warranty expired

Installation and service of ballast water management systems

Installation and service of tank level gauging systems including cargo monitoring systems

Installation and service of fixed gas detection systems

Installation and service of water ingress alarm systems

Installation and service of high & overfill alarm systems

Installation and service of vapor emission control systems

Our contacts

Head Office in Estonia:
Reg. Nr. 12058074
KMKR EE101436997
Kopli 25-402, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +372 508 7047
E-mail: [email protected]